Diary Entry #2 Covid-19, Lockdown and Carbs

Covid-19, Lockdown and Carbs

Wow, a lot has happened since my last diary entry and this site has kind of got brushed to the side with everything else that’s going on. I’m also sorry to say that for a few weeks, so did my health. It’s strange how we react to a crisis. Time to update you all on my journey, or lack of one.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that the country has been on lockdown for the last few weeks. Everything has been turned upside down with people being told to stay indoors, stay away from others and bog roll has become a rare sighting in supermarkets. The country went panic buying crazy, people continue to gather in places they don’t need to be such as at the beach or in parks and school children are going stir crazy at being forced to be homeschooled during their Easter break – calm down parents, let them enjoy these two weeks off. For me, all these changes have caused a slight relapse in my eating and a severe case of procrastination.

University Challenge – Home Edition

It’s been drilled into us for the last two years that our course isn’t one we can just do at home by reading the slides, it’s designed for us to be there, be present and interact with the lecturers. So, on the 17th of March when the university switched to remote working a huge amount of stress and anxiety flooded the students. “How will we do our exams?”, “What about assignments?” and “It’s so hard to concentrate at home with distractions, how will I cope?” were just a few questions being thrown around, and they also entered my head.

Since then things have calmed down a little. I’ve managed to complete and submit one assignment on its original deadline, another is due at the end of April with my final assignment getting an extension granted to be handed in during the middle of May. The one exam I have is now an open book exam online which is a huge weight off my shoulders as I panic in exams so don’t necessarily do as well as I should. Luckily the husband and other students across the foundation and first year of their degrees have automatically passed on to their next year so that’s more stress relieved at home.

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As if teaching myself at degree level wasn’t enough, our son has been off school a week earlier than planned meaning that we’ve been expected to home-school him too. The first week he was off was spent mostly at him grandfather’s so it gave the husband and I time to work on assignments, grandad ensured he cracked on with the work he was sent home with. Last week and this week should have been his regular Easter break so he’s having that, we’ve asked him to do a little bit of schoolwork a couple of times but ultimately we’re not adding to the stress by setting him with a routine when he’s supposed to be having a break. 

Next week this might change, he’s due back to school on the 14th April but if that doesn’t happen then we’ll have to put something in place just to keep him on target for high school in September. 

My Eating and Health

I don’t deal well with change or a lack of structure. Even our son going to school added structure to my day as I had to be up to ensure he set off on time and had everything with him but now, I have no reason I HAVE to be out of bed. This has led to a lot of late nights and late mornings. I’m a procrastinator, like seriously, if I can put off doing a task until the last minute then I will. I work better with that bit of pressure. So, late mornings have resulted in eating times changing and during the first couple of weeks of lockdown, we tried to make do with what we had in the house – pasta, rice and potatoes.

This lack of interesting food also led to far too many takeaways being ordered in, especially during the first week of the lockdown as we couldn’t go anywhere so ordered all the fast-food – also the thought of possibly not being able to order in very soon kind of caused us to overcompensate. I also stopped posting on my Instagram as I was too ashamed that my eating had gone askew and under stress, I tend to withdraw from the public eye – all my sites and accounts have suffered the same fate.

But there is good news, I’ve been back on the wagon for almost a week. We hit the supermarkets and after a long chat about food, the husband and I decided that what works for me doesn’t work for him and he’d support my food choices by eating what he wants and likes, and so in a position to tell me no should it come to that. So far it’s been working. We’ve not had a takeaway for over a week and he hasn’t even hinted at one because he is eating the meals he enjoys. He made himself some chicken nuggets the other night and when I was tempted he told me no and reminded me that they would not be good for me. The official weigh-in isn’t until tomorrow but a cheeky weigh in over the weekend has me on target for a 2kg (4lb) loss this week.

My Goals for April

I want to try and set up some smaller monthly goals, rather than just focusing on the bigger picture of an end BMI. I feel breaking it down into smaller chunks will make it more manageable and interesting to be able to mix up the goals a bit. As we’re still in lockdown this month’s goals will have to be focused around what I can do at home and will be separated into categories.

My Weight

I want to be my pre-Christmas weight of 113kg by the end of the month. This will be a 5kg (10lb) loss for the month in total which I think is achievable if I really work on it. I’ll need to stop eating for the sake of it which I’ve done a couple of times this week already – time to listen to my body.


I have the time to do some so I need to start doing it. I bought some kettlebell weights not long ago and I haven’t touched them since. I have a spare room which is basically my room as it has my dressing table and recording equipment (for YouTube) so I’m going to get rid of my dressing table (as I don’t use it) and make space to be able to do exercise in there. That is a task for this week then look at doing something daily, even if it’s just yoga or stretching.

This Site

I’m still needing to prioritise my uni work but I want to try and keep up with this diary, even if it’s fortnightly. I also want to try and get a recipe up on here this month as I’ve made a few awesome keto treats recently including a keto lemon curd and sweet, salty, spicey nuts. In addition, I plan to add a non-diary or recipe post too.


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I’ve been a bit quiet on here, I know. Life is a little upside down right now and when I’m stressed I tend to withdraw from things. My eating has been all over the place, as you would expect from an emotional eater and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been off the low carb/keto wagon. It’s not helped, it’s made things worse so I’ve pulled myself up and I’m working on me! The husband usually eats what I eat but it’s not been working for him so I’ve made the decision of separate meals, something I never wanted to do. However, every body is different and just because we’re married doesn’t mean food is going to work for us in the same way. He’s suffering himself at the moment so he needs to eat the foods that help him cope. Anyhoo, today I made #keto lemon curd. It’s quite nice but needs some tweaks. Thought it’d be nice to have when I get a sweet craving either on some Greek yoghurt or cheesecake. How’s lockdown treating you guys? #ketodiet #ketolife #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lockdown #covid19 #ketocovid19

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That’s a Wrap

At least for this update, there isn’t much more to say so rather than waffle I’m going to leave it here and crack on with my day, or at least what is left of it. I hope you all stay safe and stay home, if we do then we’ll be allowed out in the sunshine soon enough!

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Diary Entry #2 Covid-19, Lockdown and Carbs

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