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So, here I am. Overweight and not only quickly approaching forty, but also diabetes and a whole load of other health problems. Like many people, my health and weight take over my entire life. I spend all day thinking about losing weight and how I’ll feel once I’m at that magic BMI number but then the evenings hating myself for getting like this so finding comfort in food.

You name the diet and I’ve probably been on it. Not only the fad ones like cabbage soup and Juice Plus, but also the government recommended, calorie-restricted, wholewheat, lean meat, low-fat extravaganza that has failed me and many others because it believes that everyone is a lazy fatty who just needs to eat less and move more. I cover my weight history in the rather lengthy About page I’ve not long written so I won’t go into too much detail there. This post is mostly to record my starting place, my plans and my hopes/dreams of what I’m expecting to achieve.

Dear Diary

I did originally think about starting this site purely to track my weight loss and health improvement journey but then thought that Instagram would be the ideal, and cheaper, place for that so instead this site is going to be a one-stop low carb/keto shop of information, tips, advice, recipes and a place for me to put my thoughts down. I’m not going to commit to writing here daily/weekly/monthly etc so if you want to keep track you’re better off subscribing to those updates or following me on the Gram.

At the moment I have only 6 weeks left of my second year at university and assignment deadlines creeping up on me so I’ll try my best to post at least one thing a week until then. After that, you can expect regular content, especially in the recipe department.

Starting Information

I’m restarting my low carb keto life for the third time, as I mention in my about page, I first discovered keto in 2017 and did great for a couple of months I was on it but then I (stupidly) gave it up in favour of going vegan. I was lured in by all the shiny “facts” about it being THE BEST DIET FOR HEALTH! When in fact, no matter which version I tried, I was left feeling so much worse. I again picked keto up in 2019 and did it the dirtiest and laziest way possible until the festive period began and I thought that there was no way I could be keto over Christmas. Those five months were great and I lost almost 9kg (18lb) but most importantly the bloating and inflammation had gone, my PCOS symptoms lessened and I felt amazing!

I’ve had three whole months off keto, even tried looking at the Japanese way of eating but it hasn’t worked. Bloated, in pain, inflamed and serious head fog has proven that being low carb is the only way my body is happy. Over those three months I ended up gaining back 5kg along with my swollen inflamed ankle, my painful knee, giant painful spots on my face, an irregular period, daily hair growth on my chin and the worst bout of brain fog I’ve had in a while.

I restarted on Wednesday 26th February 2020 at 118kg, a BMI of 41.8 and a morning glucose level of 8.9. As I write this, 4 days later, I’m already seeing the benefits as I’m 1kg down, my ankle and knee have calmed down, not only that, I’m confident and motivated rather than procrastinating and hiding away.

My Hopes and Dreams

Obviously weight loss is a big goal of mine, ideally, I need to lose about 50kg just to be considered healthy according to BMI – yes, I know BMI is flawed but it’d be nice to be in the upper range of “healthy” at least. I’d like my blood glucose to be in the normal range, especially my morning one which is always high. I’d love to only have to tweeze the hairs on my chin once a week rather than once a day or every other day. I want to be a strong, confident woman so I’ll be hitting the weights too.

For now, I’m following a mainly keto diet so keeping my carbs below 20g a day, watching my protein at around 50g and a heck of a lot of fat – I don’t want to be in a calorie deficit, I don’t want to be hungry and I want to prove to the world that it isn’t all about calorie counting. As I ease back into it I’ll be lazy with my tracking and dirty with my food so sweetener and anything that is “technically” keto is on my radar. Anti-ketoers say this diet only works because of restriction and calorie deficit, I want to show them it’s not.

My first few keto meals

With that said I also want to shout out my Friday night pizza (the middle picture), it was freaking LUSH!! Rather than bread or a fat-head crust, I used chicken thigh to make the base and all the toppings. It was probably over on protein as I didn’t count it but going over on protein is better than ordering in and binging on regular pizza. Might have to write it up as one of my first recipes, what do you think? A few other meals are also featured that I’ve had over the first few days, I used the homemade tomato base from the pizza on my bacon and scrambled eggs yesterday morning. All possible future posts.

Anyhoo. I’ve waffled for more than I thought I would in this post. I’ll be back shortly with another diary update as I’ll officially weight on Wednesday (4th March) so no doubt I’ll be here to celebrate or rant about my stupid body. So, until then!

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